Members of all teaching unions in Northern Ireland have overwhelmingly voted in huge numbers to begin industrial action in support of our claim for a fair and just pay rise.

As a traditionally non-striking Teaching union, UTU members have voted for strike action for the first time in UTU's 103 year history.  

UTU members will shortly commence on a coordinated campaign of industrial action short of strike alongside their fellow trade unionists from the other teaching unions. The action will be phased, in the hope that the employing bodies and the Department of Education [DE] will take a common-sense approach and avail of the opportunity to bring forward a realistic pay offer that recognises the worth and value of teachers and takes account of the dire cost of living crisis all working people are experiencing (more details below).

UTU's General Secretary,  Jacquie White, advises:

“We are sending a message to the Department of Education and indeed to Westminster, that teachers have got to the point where they need to be valued, they need to be recognised and they need to be appreciated as a profession.”

We have now notified the education employers of the outcome of our industrial action ballot (Action short of Strike Ballot).

Our action is in response to:

  • Failure to protect teachers from the devaluation of their profession
  • Failure to protect teachers from cost-of-living increases
  • Failure to protect teachers’ professional integrity

Our industrial action will be coordinated with our colleagues in the other unions that make up the NITC.

We have already advised the employing authorities that our joint industrial action will be ‘phased’ with Phase One up until mid-term, Phase Two up to Christmas break, and Phase Three in the New Year.


Phase One (with escalation thereafter) will focus on:

  • Boycott Assessment arrangements
  • No submission of planners or lessons plans
  • No tasks other than those set out in the Directed Time Budget
  • Meeting limit of one per week of one hour duration (max)
  • No engagement in new initiatives
  • Undertake no unremunerated duties (new or existing)
  • No classroom observation outside of PRSD or EPD
  • Rigorous compliance with Jordanstown Agreement – no cover (including composite classes) outside the 1987/88 Regulations
  • No routine administrative or clerical tasks
  • Principals data boycott (outside Annual census or monthly returns)
  • Principals not to forward Governors Minutes to employers
  • Members are not to complete any part of the School Development Plan
  • No co-operation with Governors’ meetings after 5:00pm



Further, more detailed guidance will be issued to our workplace reps and members in the coming days.

If any UTU members have any concerns please get in contact with us on