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About the UTU

As a teacher you are a member of a challenging and yet rewarding profession - you will give of your best to the young people in your care and you will wish to be a member of a union which gives you similar care.

The Ulster Teachers' Union is the only union based in Northern Ireland for the teachers of Northern Ireland. Our Headquarters are in Belfast and are staffed by highly experienced officers and administration staff who work only in Northern Ireland. They are therefore completely familiar with all issues relating to education in the Province and are readily available to answer calls and provide support at meetings.

2019 marked the centenary of the formation of the UTU. 

To read about the history of the UTU, please click HERE.

Why Join the Ulster Teachers’ Union ?

It offers support and advice to members experiencing problems or difficulties.

It can influence Government and decision making bodies in local and national issues.

It campaigns to maintain and improve salaries and conditions of service

It oversees health and safety in the workplace.

It promotes equality in the workplace.

What Else ? UTU Membership Services

UTU membership also enables members to access a range of extra services including:

Competitive car, home, motorcycle and travel insurance tailored for teachers

Independent financial advice (mortgages, pensions, savings plans & investments)

Our Staff

Jacquie White

General Secretary

Susan Thompson

President - 2019-2020

Stephen McCord

Incoming President - 2020-21

Alison Steen

Incoming VP - 2020-21

Leigh Cooper

Field Officer

Lewis Love

Field Officer

Rebekka Gilpin

Field Officer

Heather Arrell

Financial Executive Officer

Karen Taylor

Executive Officer

Meriel Segal

Membership Officer

Denise Allely

Membership Officer

Annette Morrow

Senior Clerical Officer

Lindsay Osbourne

Clerical Officer

Tony McCabe

Clerical Officer

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