UTU, in line with our colleagues in NITC, has informed the employers today of our intention to take a further series of strike action.

All 5 recognised teaching unions will be commencing this phase of strike action with a half day on Wednesday 29th November.

The action will begin at 00.01 on Wednesday 29th and will cease at 12 noon.

The decision has been taken in light of the fact that, despite recent and frequent calls to the Secretary of State, to our local politicians and to the employers, no movement has been made towards any resolution of the pay impasse which has now been in place for 3 years, or, indeed, to seek funding to enable us to properly resource our schools and properly provide a service for the children in our care.

To be clear, none of us want to take this action. But neither do any of us want teachers and school leaders to continue papering over ever growing cracks in our system which have only got worse since the beginning of this academic year.

We are losing teachers, our student teachers already have plans to go elsewhere, and our system as we have known it is beginning to implode. Those of you in schools are reporting ever-increasing frustration at the complete lack of resources, the inability to get supply teachers, the inability to access outside support. And all of this against a backdrop of a salary which is pitiful when compared to our colleagues across the water who are doing exactly the same job.

We have carried the system for far too long. We need to be recognised, to be valued, to be respected.

We need to stand up for ourselves.

Further details will be provided over the coming days but, in the meantime, we would ask you to touch base with your colleagues in school from whichever union they are in and ensure that everyone is properly informed and ready to act together.
We’ll keep you posted.