Joint Statement from the Teachers’ Negotiating Committee 28 April 2020

At a meeting of the Teachers’ Negotiating Committee (TNC) this morning, Management Side and the Northern Ireland Teachers’ Council (NITC) formally ratified an agreement to resolve the long running industrial dispute of teachers ’ pay and workload.

The agreement provides for an immediate cessation of all industrial action in schools from today and gives effect to a pay award for all teachers in Northern Ireland of 2.25% payable from September 2017 and an additional 2% payable from September 2018.

In addition to measures addressing teacher concerns about workload and accountability, to be implemented as part of a carefully managed and supported transition period, both Management Side and the NITC believe the terms of the agreement and in particular, the 9 review areas have the potential to positively transform the education sector and improve the educational outcomes for our children and young people.

The agreement is a milestone for industrial relations between the recognised trade unions and employers within education. It provides clarity around existing teachers’ terms and conditions of employment. Management Side and NITC now have a framework to enable them to work together to address issues and secure beneficial change. This is a detailed process which will begin as soon as possible.

Both Management Side and the NITC recognise this development occurs at a time of great crisis and uncertainty as a consequence of Covid-19. On this day in particular we remember and pay tribute to all frontline workers and the considerable sacrifices made on our behalf. We also acknowledge and express gratitude to the teaching and non-teaching workforce for their leadership, commitment and hard work in ensuring continuity of learning for our children and young people during this time.

The terms of the agreement, effective from today are contained within TNC Circular TNC 2020/1 and can be found at


Please see agreement between Management & Trade Union side of the Teachers' Negotiating Committee and also DE Circular links to  2020/ Teachers’ Pay and Allowances from 1 September 2017 and DE Circular 2020/ Teachers’ Pay and Allowances from 1 September 2018.