Happy International Day of Education! Today we celebrate the great power and potential of education to transform the world.    We all know the value of education. For everyone everywhere, education is the best way to a better life. It opens our minds and our hearts to the world and to each other. It powers progress, social justice, and a brighter future for all. 

This is why education is an essential human right we all share. It is a public good and a public responsibility. It can only be delivered through fully funded free quality public education systems led by a strong, valued, and respected teaching profession. This is our vision for education and our Go Public! Fund Education campaign.

As we witness and experience a surge in violent conflicts, the dramatic impacts of climate change, and economic hardship in many places around the world, we know our mobilization for education is needed. We know that lasting peace, social and climate justice all start in our schools. Investing in public education and the education workforce is investing in the future.

You can find out more about the work of Education International by clicking the link below.

Go public! Fund education (ei-ie.org)

Join the global movement for public education! (ei-ie.org)