This guidance provides the latest advice on absence, pay arrangements and staffing matters linked to COVID-19.


The health, safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff is of paramount importance to all education employers in the sector.  The following guidance has been produced to ensure employers and employees are aware of arrangements regarding absences in relation to COVID-19.


This guidance should be read alongside the latest Public Health Agency (PHA)/Government guidance, to support Principals/Line Managers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, we draw your attention to the Department of Education’s Education Restart Guidance for Schools and Educational Settings


The following information and guidance applies to employees subject to NJC/JNC and TNC terms and conditions including substitute teachers and non-teaching staff providing emergency cover for the period of time they have been engaged to work.


Procedures for other absences not related to COVID-19 remain extant.


This guidance should be used to supplement any specific guidance and social distancing protocols linked to schools and it recognises that for the majority of school based staff it may not be feasible to work from home.


This guidance includes current advice from the PHA which is subject to change.  In the event of new information or guidance a further update will be issued. Please also refer to the Department’s Guidance to Support Safe Working in Educational Settings and wider COVID-19 related guidance issued by the Public Health Agency (PHA).