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As an Ulster Teachers’ Union member, your hard work in shaping the citizens of tomorrow is recognised through our membership benefits.

UTU members benefit from our long standing and close relationship with Cornmarket. As an official insurance provider they offer members of UTU great value car, home, motorbike, GAP, pet, travel and temporary car insurance that comes with a range of benefits that are tailored to you the member.

As a trusted broker for over 25 years, Cornmarket Insurance Services believe you deserve insurance cover that rewards and recognises your responsible attitude.   It’s worth remembering that insurance is not straightforward and often it is tempting to make your decision based on price, but going straight for the cheapest insurance you can find on comparison websites may not give you the cover you need and the truth is that only when the worst happens do consumers realise they haven’t got the right cover.

The team at Cornmarket will listen to your needs and will provide you with advice and a personal recommendation around the policy that best meets your needs.

The Teachers’ Car Insurance Scheme has been tailored to provide members with great benefits which include cover for malicious damage on school grounds, indemnity cover when using your car for official school business to name just a few.  Take a look at the video below to learn more.

We want you to be informed of the key features of the policy as well as the exclusions and terms, this means when it comes to insuring your most valuable assets, you can be sure that you are getting the advice you need at a competitive rate for the cover you need and most importantly give you peace of mind, that if anything does go wrong – you are covered.


  • Enhanced features and benefits for teachers
  • Discounted Premiums
  • Local UK claims teams to assist you
  • UTU endorsed insurance partner


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