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Ulster Teachers’ Union

UTU Update - Registration and form time/Cover within the workload agreement

25th May 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We have had several queries with regard to the arrangements for registration/form time and cover within the workload agreement. Please find below clarification on those matters and do not hesitate to contact us to get individual advice from our Officials.

  1. Registration and Form Time

In the Workload Agreement and Time Budget (TNC 2011/8 Appendix III), the difference between class contact time and supervision is clearly defined. Supervision only occurs “where there is no active teaching taking place”, for example break duties, bus supervision or examinations. It was agreed with management side that if there is a learning outcome, the time should be counted as part of class contact time and therefore be included in the maximum teaching hours per week (23,5 in a secondary school and 25 in a primary or special school). As registration and form time normally include tasks such as reminding pupils of behaviour and school policies, checking planners, arranging trips, collecting money and other organisational and pastoral matters, the criteria of a learning outcome is certainly met and registration and form time are part of class contact time.

  1. Cover

Like registration and form time, any cover is part of the maximum hours of class contact time and we would advise to refer to Guidance and advice on the allocation and operation of cover arrangements (TNC 2011/8 Appendix 1) for information. Whilst our current industrial action does not specifically mention a limit on cover, we would like to emphasise that UTU members should not be treated any differently from other teaching colleagues and should not be asked to undermine their colleagues’ industrial action by taking on more cover than their colleagues.