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Ulster Teachers’ Union

UTU Update - June 2017

9th Jun 2017



Our Ref:  139/596

Dear Colleague,


We have entered into exploratory talks with the employers in the areas of salary and workload. NITC has produced a paper outlining what we would expect to achieve – including a compensatory increase to make up for the lack of any increase in the 2015/16 academic year.

In terms of workload, we have defined five areas around which exploratory talks will take place. They are as follows:

  1. Inspection and associated workload.
  2. Examinations and associated workload.
  3. Assessment, including key stage assessment and associated workload issues.
  4. School administration and associated workload issues.
  5. SEN and associated workload issues.

Scoping meetings to identify the relevant issues are to take place between Management representatives and NITC representatives in the week beginning 12th June, 2017.

Management Side has requested us to consider stepping back from the industrial action and we will put this to our Central Executive Committee at their next meeting on Friday 16th June 2017, but it would appear that there is no appetite to stop the action at present. Unless you hear any different from us after next week’s CEC meeting please presume that ACTION IS TO CONTINUE UNALTERED.

If you feel you would like to have any input into the deliberations on industrial action please contact your local CEC member before next Friday’s meeting (Names and contact numbers for CEC members are shown on the UTU website).  THE SUPPORT FOR THIS ACTION HAS BEEN SOLID – WE HOPE THE EMPLOYERS WILL REALISE HOW SERIOUS TEACHERS FEEL ABOUT THEIR SITUATION. This dispute is not just about money, more about the value placed on teachers!!!


We are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of a local Assembly. This has already resulted in uncertainty about school budgets and the continued fear about redundancy, increased class sizes and inability of schools to cover the curriculum.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions will be co-ordinating a campaign to counter the situation – plans will be drawn up over the summer and we will announce what will be happening in September. We have to highlight how important it is for our young people to receive a good education – they only get one opportunity and if it is under-funded it may impact on the rest of their lives!


The UTU continues to recruit many new members each month. We are working closely with our colleagues in the other recognised unions. If you feel that your needs would be best met by a local union representing local teachers then you can find out more about UTU by asking for a visit from a UTU Organiser or Field Officer who can explain the benefits of belonging to the UTU. If you would like a visit, either now or in September, please contact us and let us know what would suit your staff best.

Have a well-deserved summer break and see you in September!

Yours sincerely


Avril Hall-Callaghan


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