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Ulster Teachers’ Union

Stand up for Education

28th Apr 2016
Stand up for Education


It is very important that our politicians are made aware of the real difficulties facing schools at present. ATL, INTO and UTU have jointly produced an Election Manifesto highlighting the main issues of concern. Please read the Manifesto and be ready to question any candidate who canvasses you for your vote. We want to make sure that Education is given the priority it deserves under the next Assembly mandate.

We have also produced a sample statement which we would ask you to send to your local candidates (copy of email addresses for all candidates is also included) to ensure they know what the issues are. We have circulated the Manifesto to all candidates, but there is nothing as effective as the voters drawing attention to the issues!

We will be lobbying the elected MLAs after the election and we have already sought an urgent meeting with the new Education Minister, whenever that appointment is made.

Use your vote wisely to make sure that only those candidates who have a positive contribution to make in supporting and funding education policy get elected on 5th May.

INTO, UTU and ATL, on behalf of the majority of teachers in the North of Ireland are ‘Standing up for Education’ and call on all political parties standing in this election to do likewise. Education is not a privilege, it is a human right, guaranteed legally for all without any discrimination. Both individuals and society benefit from the right to education. It is fundamental for human, social and economic development and a key element to achieving lasting peace and sustainable development. It is a powerful tool in developing the full potential of everyone and in promoting individual and collective wellbeing.

As such Education needs to be well resourced, with fully qualified teachers, appropriately paid and supported to deliver life changing learning to the children in the North of Ireland.

Click on the link below to view the Joint ATL/INTO/UTU Election manifesto.