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Ulster Teachers’ Union


28th Nov 2017


Our Ref: 139/301

Dear Colleague


At our November CEC meeting on Friday past the CEC reviewed the UTU action and decided to add another item of action to the list, namely

- UTU members should only participate in PRSD if they are not at the top of their scale i.e. those teachers who are still moving up the Main Scale or who have not yet reached the top of the Upper Pay Scale and any Principal or Vice Principal who has not reached the top of their ISR scale should participate but all other teachers should not.

A summary of all action UTU members are participating in is shown below:

- To continue not to participate in the CCEA assessment requirements.

- To work strictly to the terms of the Jordanstown Agreement (Workload Agreement and its Appendices available at

- To refuse to participate in any school inspection process, including visits from the District Inspector, ETI scheduled inspections and any ETI survey or other process. (This does not apply in schools that are currently on formal intervention).

- To make no returns of monitoring information to the Department of Education.

- To submit only 6-weekly or termly planners, not daily or weekly lesson notes. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHILE TEACHERS MAY PREPARE DAILY OR WEEKLY THERE IS NO NEED TO DO SO!

- To participate in only one staff meeting per week.

- To write only one report to parents per academic year.

We would ask UTU members to be aware that our action does not include action related to directed time and where a principal has allocated time from the maximum 1265 hours then those hours should be worked. The exception is where parents meetings extend beyond 5.30pm, in which case the time beyond 5.30pm (if not agreed to by all staff) should be re-allocated.


While the talks have been generally positive the UTU is concerned that a written note of all the recommendations reached during these talks needs to be supplied, along with a clear timeline of when and how they will be implemented. The NITC has written to Management Side asking that this be supplied.  It is our intention to follow this request at our meeting with Management Side later this week.

Yours sincerely

Avril Hall-Callaghan

General Secretary