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Member's Information

A serving teacher applying for UTU membership will normally be enrolled as a full subscribing member.Subscription will be deducted from salary monthly in arrears at the rate of 0.6% of gross salary, but the ceiling (ie the maximum payable by any individual) will be one and a half times the minimum subscription. A teacher will be considered a full member from the date Head Office receives the completed deduction authorisation card until the date last deduction is made. FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR STUDENTS AND NEWLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Students and those who have obtainedtheir places at College/University will normally be accepted to associate membership on receipt of a completed application form. Associate members will be entitled to full benefits and services without subscription. They will become full members on date of 1 st appointment and will have their authorisation cards put into effect the following 1 st July.

COMMENCEMENT OF MEMBERSHIP - A teacher whose application form and deduction authorisation card are received before the 4 th of any month will normally have subscription deducted at source commencing with the payment of that month's salary. 

CHANGE OF BRANCH - A member who wishes to change branch MUST contact Head Office and complete the appropriate form; see your UTU School Representative.

TEMPORARY AND PART-TIME TEACHERS - Teachers' Salaries' Branch at the DE make Union membership deductions at source in respect of temporary and part-time teachers. Temporary and part-time teachers must pay a minimum subscription of £10 to Head Office in order to register as a member.

TEACHERS PAID SALARY BY BOARDS - Teachers employed and paid direct by the Area Boards have deductions made at salary source in the normal way, but if they transfer to or from a permanent position in a school a new deduction authorisation card must be forwarded to Head Office a month in advance of the transfer.

VOLUNTARY SCHOOLS - Teachers employed in voluntary independent schools may have deductions made at salary source, but where the school authorities have declined to provide this service the subscription can be paid at 0.6% rate by arrangement with Head Office.

PERIODS OF ABSENCE - One of the advantages of this system is that subscription can only be deducted when a teacher is in receipt of salary and yet the teacher remains a full member during periods when salary is not paid.

TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP - A teacher may terminate UTU membership by completing a termination card and returning it to Head Office. These cards will be forwarded to members immediately on written request. The 4 th of the month is the final date for receipt if termination is to be effected that month. Form 30201, and Membership Card(s) MUST be returned with the termination card.

FURTHER ENQUIRIES - Any further enquiries regarding your subscription should be addressed to the Senior Clerical Officer at UTU Head Office.