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Ulster Teachers’ Union

Beginning Teachers Application Form

Personal Details
Mr Miss Mrs Ms Dr
Personal History
Student Full No
Teachers in Permanent Employment
Authorisation Deduction

I confirm that the above details are correct and I wish to join the Ulster Teachers' Union subject to the Rules and Constitutions of the Organisation. I hereby undertake, if accepted as a member, to abide loyally by the Rules of the Organisation and to use my best endeavours to promote its objectives and interests. *

In accordance with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (NI) Order 1995, I authorise you to deduct from my salary, until further notice I hereby authorise the Department of Education and Skills to deduct from my salary, until further notice from UTU Headquarters (see Rule 74), the appropriate subscription to be paid to the UTU on my behalf, the amount of subscription to be determined from time to time in accordance with the UTU Rules. *

Boxes marked with an * must be completed.

If Temporary/Subbing please put Temporary in the "School" and "School Address" section.

Please keep us informed if you move to another school.

DISCLAIMER "Any omission or inaccuracy in the particulars furnished on this form may, at the discretion of the Executive of the Union invalidate an application for membership and any grant of membership made in reliance thereon."